Miscomprehension in Communication

Often the biggest mistakes an organization can make is that of miscomprehension in their communications. Too often marketing and communications employees think that what they care about is exactly what the customer cares about. Put another way, they think that the words they like to use are the same words their clients like to read. This is cannot be further from the truth. Communication and marketing professionals must realize that words are incredibly powerful. Words make the sale, deliver the service and build the brand.

The trick to overcoming this potentially devastating mistake is to find the right words – your customers words. Communications and marketing professionals must learn to overcome the temptation to use the latest, meaningless buzzwords in their communication pieces.


Who am I ?

My name is Michael Morton. I believe in bringing energy and professionalism into the office, that knowledge is power, that leadership trumps management, that customers are more influential than advertisements, that content is king, and that two heads are better than one. I currently lead the marketing efforts of the Strategic Alliances department of my company. Let’s talk marketing!

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