Dialog In Email Marketing

In order to retain customers, email marketers must learn to establish a dialog with their clients. Merriam Webster defines dialog as a conversation between two or more persons. No longer can marketers expect that customers will open and read an email from a company they are familiar with. Those days are long gone. In order for marketers to get customers to open emails they must establish a dialog and a relationship with their clients. To establish a dialog, marketers must do the following:

  1. Obtain initial permission
  2. Find out more about customers and prospects
  3. Tell them what they want to hear
  4. Listen

Maintaining this dialog with customers will always be an ongoing process. Marketers will need to continually evolve their ability to communicate individually to their customers. Otherwise, they risk losing those customers to competition. Creating a dynamic email program that gives customers what they want is an important step in retaining clients.


Who am I ?

My name is Michael Morton. I believe in bringing energy and professionalism into the office, that knowledge is power, that leadership trumps management, that customers are more influential than advertisements, that content is king, and that two heads are better than one. I currently lead the marketing efforts of the Strategic Alliances department of my company. Let’s talk marketing!

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