A Hectic Week Needs Comic Relief

This week has been extremely busy. First there was Valentine’s Day. Then I had to help plan a surprise birthday party for a friend. This included helping design the cake (not bad, huh?). On top of that I had my first paper and presentation due in my Organizational PR class. All of this and I work a forty-hour a week job in the marketing department of an Internet company.

Thank goodness this week has finally ended! To relax a bit I figure I would post a link to this video. It is a comic gem. The short film is entitled Fear of Girls.



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My name is Michael Morton. I believe in bringing energy and professionalism into the office, that knowledge is power, that leadership trumps management, that customers are more influential than advertisements, that content is king, and that two heads are better than one. I currently lead the marketing efforts of the Strategic Alliances department of my company. Let’s talk marketing!

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