Email Analysis: Content is still king and segmentation is its queen! published its finding of its November 2005 email marketing survey. Below are two excerpts from the article authored by Stephanie Miller. It should come as no surprise that relevant content and segmentation are the two most important factors, when growing your email list.

“A strong value proposition, prominently displayed, will drive higher subscription rates. But interesting, relevant content will keep subscribers active and engaged. Retention starts at email one. Make list growth a priority. Always send a welcome message, and consider an “engagement series” at [the] start and three months [later] to be sure your email remains relevant.”

“Remember that subscribers may not be “in market” at the same time [of the emailing]. Marketers can now use pull strategies, made possible by the emergence of better targeting software, to trigger email campaigns designed to move prospects (and customers) to the next stage of the sales or product lifecycle. Develop messaging around the customer life stage using email series and triggered messages. Quality, not quantity, will determine the success of your email file.”

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