Word-of-Mouth-Marketing at Work

I was at my local Apple computer store earlier this week and encountered a word-of-mouth-marketing moment. I got into a conversation with another customer at the store. Apparently, the man I was talking to had made “the switch” from PCs to Macs about three years ago. He then told me that it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

I have been a PC user all my life. My only experience with Mac computers has been through the design classes I took in college. I have been an admirer of Macs ever since but I have always been too cautious (and too cheap) to make “the switch.” However, for the past year I have been looking to get a Mac. Now, since the introduction of the new Macbooks, the time is finally right. But such a decision, especially one that costs you a thousand dollars, is not to be made lightly.

But, thanks to the enthusiastic Apple customer I met, I decided to make “the switch.” Why is the other customer to thank? Because he represents an unbiased third party that I can trust. I can have the nicest, most charming salesperson give me their undue attention and care but I will always look at them as a biased source looking to make a sale. This is why evoking word-of-mouth-marketing is so powerful. If a company can get its client base to sing the praises of their product, then that company has tapped its greatest marketing and advertising asset.

I believe advertising, which most people view as biased information, cannot effectively generate true word-of-mouth-marketing. However, one of the main functions of public relations is to cultivate word-of-mouth-marketing. This is why it is extremely important for every company to focus on public relations.

Final Thoughts:

A company’s greatest asset is it employees. A company’s greatest marketing tool is its customers!

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