Dell Computer Explodes, Popular Blog Breaks the News!

Here’s something that is bound to get the attention of Dell Computers. Apparently, a Dell laptop violently exploded at a Japanese conference. A well-known blog has posted an article with pictures of the volatile incident.

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This is a great example of how a blog post can cause a company great distress. If the same story gains popularity and is posted on other blogs, you can bet Dell will issue a release or a blog post of their own. An incident like this can be a good reason to invest in a service that monitors blog posts about your company.

However, I must say I am quite skeptical of this post. Why? The title of the blog is The Inquirer (very similar to The Enquirer tabloid magazine). Also, it seems very convenient that someone was able to take a picture of the explosion. I am not implying that the post or incident was fabricated but I do believe we should read the post with a discerning eye.

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2 Responses to “Dell Computer Explodes, Popular Blog Breaks the News!”

  1. 2 Troy Brennan / Louis Sbarra February 13, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Hey guys- I purchased my Dell (Inspiron 1420) Laptop in 11/07. My issues started about 2 or 3 months afterwards and I have been having issues ever since. I have called Dell Tech Support SO MANY TIMES. And I have lots of this documented via emails. I have even written Michael Dell a personal letter. Weeks after mailing that letter to Mr. Dell, a guy with Corporate Tech Support Called and attempted to correct my laptop. His name is –


    Rep ID 0186804

    Senior Support Resolver

    Dell | Consumer Resolution Center

    With No luck – and then “The Mr. Avinash” vanishes! Making no correction.

    TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT ! I have stop calling. Why should I keep calling and wasting my time and energy. I figured if they couldn’t fix the problem after one year then they are not going to. I realized that Dell sells LEMONs and don’t care !

    SO now I make every effort to inform everyone what I think of DELL and THIER SERVICE. OR Lack of that is… Which S _ _ K s !

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