What Should be Included in an Online Press Kit?

An online press kit should include the following:

  • Company Summary
  • Executive Bios
  • Most Recent Press Releases
  • Communications/PR Contact Information
  • Company Logo (a high resolution copy & a low resolution copy)

The following two items are not required to be included but their addition would improve the effectiveness of the kit.

  • Company Photos
  • Links to Relevant Websites (blogs and associations/organizations)

Keep in mind that the online press kit should have the same, or a very similar layout, as the rest of the website. The layout should be clean, organized and easy to navigate. Also, all items within the online press kit, except the logo and photos, should be offered in two formats: HTML and Adobe PDF. There you have it, my suggestions for an outstanding online press kit that reporters and clients are sure to love! But perhaps I have overlooked something you would have included. If so, let me know by commenting on this post.

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