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We all know, or at least we should know, that blogs are an extremely fast medium for news distribution. With that in mind, I am proud to say that the blog you are currently reading has trumped the MarketingVox daily newsletter! Today, MarketingVox published an article about the Marketing Sherpa study dealing with lead generation for technology companies. It is the same study that I posted on this blog over a week ago! See last week’s post.

But since this blog isn’t about shameless self-promotion, let us glean some knowledge from this occurrence.

MarketingVox prides itself on helping “marketers and media professionals save time and do their jobs more effectively by keeping them informed of important industry news.” This obviously translates into disseminating important information in a fast and efficient manner. But perhaps the daily email newsletter format is not the best method of timely delivery. This is obviously true, at least in this case, considering how I beat MarketingVox to the punch on the information in the Marketing Sherpa study.

It is my personal belief that the MarketingVox website would better serve its subscribers if they changed their format. The fine people over at MarketingVox should consider changing the format to a blog, or add a blog to their site. The current MarketingVox site doesn’t even seem to have an RSS feed – if they do, they’re doing a lousy job of promoting it. If you want to deliver valuable information in a timely manner, it’s hard to beat an RSS feed.

To sum up:

If the MarketingVox truly wants to deliver information in the most expedient manner, then a format change is definitely need. Failure to do so leaves the door wide-open to competition.

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