Sony Misleads Computer Industry – Reputation Suffers

Remember the hoopla surrounding the story about the Dell laptop exploding? Turns out, it was due to its battery that was manufactured by Sony. Because of incidents like the one I outlined in my earlier post, and others like it, Dell recalled its laptop batteries. When questioned about the batteries, Sony maintained that only certain Dell laptops were affected and that there were no other computer makers who used those batteries.

It turns out Sony was lying…

Just recently Apple announced that they are recalling 1.8 million laptop-computer batteries with potential overheating problems – the same batteries that Dell recalled.

Industry pundits believe that both Dell and Apple will weather through the recalls with their reputations intact. However, they expect Sony’s reputation will take a hit.

According to analyst Rob Enderle,

Sony said it was only Dell the first time, and that there were no other makers who used those batteries. Now with Apple, they’re saying, ‘Trust us, this time it’s true.

This blemish on Sony’s character comes during an already trying time for the company. Sony has come under fire recently for risqué advertising campaigns and its braggart promotion of the yet to be released and highly priced PS3. This latest faux pas will not likely cripple Sony’s reputation. Nevertheless, if the company keeps walking down the same path it has for the past several months, they just might feel the repercussions.

What can be learned from this situation? Never lie or mislead… ever!

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  1. 1 jonnyringo September 20, 2006 at 12:13 am

    Great post, Mike. I enjoyed reading your blog posts. We wrote about this situation today, Tuesday, September 19, in a blog post titled “Owning Your Brand During Crisis: Spinach, Hoaxes, and Exploding Batteries”.

    I think you’ll enjoy it. Here’s the link.


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