Podcasting Can Get You New Clients

A great post is sitting and waiting for you over on the MarketingProfs: Daily Fix blog.

The post, written by John Jantsch, illustrates a novel way to use podcasts to meet potential clients…

Create a podcast and you have the perfect door opening tool. Now, instead of calling that big shot business leader or influential referral source you would love to know and begging them to let you come over and sell them, simply request an interview for your podcast show.

Bingo. People can’t resist interview requests. No matter how small the audience. Reach out to authors, celebrities, industry gurus, influencers, it doesn’t really matter… they will respond often to your request for an interview. (If they employ a PR firm it’s even easier, because most PR folks just want interviews, any interviews.)

You know that getting the introduction is the hardest part. Now you’ve got the perfect tool.

I can definitely see this type of approach working in many industries!

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