REI does it right: Customer Appreciation & Giving Back to the Community

REI, the outdoor/adventure retail chain, knows how to keep their customers happy. They offer every person who enters one of their stores an opportunity to place membership. The membership is lifetime and only has a one-time charge of $15 dollars during signup. Trust me, it’s a sweet deal. Why? When you become a member of REI, the store sends you a 10% refund on all of your purchases at the end of the year. The refund can go towards any purchase at an REI store or you can turn it in for cash! I just became a member in December and I am already going to receive over $40.

But REI doesn’t stop there. They give back to the community and the outdoors by supporting hundreds of local efforts to preserve and protect the lands that adventure seekers love. For example, REI stores partner with local groups to improve local areas and trails. And by partnering I don’t mean they make a contribution to the group, even though they do that too. I mean that store employees get together in groups and go out to do the work themselves.

Yes, REI is company that not only believes in what it preaches but practices it as well. Many other businesses would do well to follow their example. By having such programs in place, they have made me a lifetime customer. That’s the genius of their membership program and why REI has over 2.5 million active members.


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