Ducati cuts advertising and is better off for it

Read this article over at the Credibility Branding Blog. Apparently Ducati, the Italian motorcycle company, decided to drop its advertising budget and spend the money on more customer-centric projects.

The company, which saw sales increase 16% in North America–including a 50% spike in Canada–last year, has done so while all but eliminating its internal marketing department and focusing on communications, events, PR and relationships with dozens of independent clubs of “Ducatisti” or Ducati owners.

If you’re a marketer, does this news scare you or excite you?

Personally, I’m pumped!


1 Response to “Ducati cuts advertising and is better off for it”

  1. 1 Travis Spencer December 9, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    Dear Sirs

    I have a wonderfull advertising concept that
    involves the DUCATI name, I think this concept
    could go down as one of the most influential in advertising history and I beg you to contact me for this magnificent concept, obviously at this stage I cannot reveal the full picture only to say it will only work for Ducati not Kawasaki or
    Suzuki but for impact Suzi Perry and her co BBC presenters Steve Parrish and Charlie Cox will add much credibility, this concept is extremely
    visual and this will reverse the Credit Crunch
    for Ducati motorcycle sales Travis Spencer

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