No more landing pages!

I thought landing pages were fairly effective, in fact necessary. But the movement “No More Landing Pages” claim that they are a black eye on the whole web experience. They claim that landing pages are inherently broken; that it’s a case of the tail wagging the dog. In short, they suck.

Their suggest using landing experiences. Don’t use a single web page that contains several link choices and paragraphs of text. Instead, give the user very little text and only 2 to 3 link choices. Basically, break up one convoluted page into 3 or 4 extremely easy to understand steps. They believe that a single page can be more complicated than an experience that requires multiple clicks; users are willing to click but not willing to read in-depth and think.

I have to admit that their counter-intuitive approach makes a lot of sense. You can bet I’ll be testing this idea soon.

On a side note, the marketing strategy to build buzz for “No More Landing Pages” is very effective. I’ll post about their strategy later this week.


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