Turn your campaign into a crusade

Last week I commented on the No More Landing Pages movement. Basically, it’s just a marketing strategy from the firm Ion Interactive. Let me just say, it’s campaigns like this one that makes marketing fun and effective!

What did they do? First, they made their stance on landing pages into a battle cry and positioned themselves as rebels looking to change the current norm. Second, they held a protest — yes, an actual protest — at the high profile ad:tech convention. Sure, they hired actors (terrible actors) but they got their message out.

Ion Interactive’s campaign to generate buzz was very effective. Why exactly was it effective? Because they took what most people would have made into a standard sales pitch, “Listen to how I think you can improve your lead volume”, and turned it into a truly unique message that made its target audience want to listen; they turned it into a crusade.

Now here’s a homework question; how can you turn your marketing campaign into a crusade that will make your audience want to listen?

P.S. Here’s a quick video of the No More Landing Pages protest in action…


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