A truly remarkable marketing campaign!

Nikon has struck marketing gold with their promotional campaign for their new camera the Nikon D40. What did the genius marketers do? They gave away 200 of their new cameras to the people in the picturesque town of Georgetown, SC, essentially making an entire town a brand ambassador!

But Nikon didn’t stop there; they created an excellent model of a promotional microsite in Picturetown. The mircrosite displays the pictures that the residents of Georgetown captured with their new cameras. It also gives viewers the ability to comment on the pictures, forward them to friends, and to download a copy. And when the viewer hovers the mouse pointer over an image, they get to see the photographer’s face and a testimonial praising the Nikon D40. Also, Nikon added profiles, video profiles, of select residents wherein they describe their positive experiences with the camera. On top of that, Nikon added their own, beautifully done, promotional video that I suspect they’ll run on television if they haven’t already.

I expect this campaign to be very effective. It gets past a person’s defense against product advertising and makes them think of the emotional aspect of taking pictures. Heck, it worked on me and I’m usually a no frills type of guy. I began thinking about all those moments that I would like to have on film.

Congratulations Nikon! This is an excellent example of a marketing campaign.

Oh, and if you would like to get a new brand ambassador in Nashville, Tennessee, then feel free to send me a camera!


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  1. 1 Katie May 22, 2007 at 8:46 pm

    I agree with you. I thought that giving away cameras was a very clever promotional campaign. It really brings the product down to earth and gives testimonies from “real people” not from the glamor of paid actors. It’s an irresistible down home charm.

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