Which Wich embraces social media

Which Wich, the unique sandwich chain, has made a gutsy but brilliant move. The chain is promoting a blogger, Chris Thomas of Pour Out, who has vowed to eat and critique all of its 51 sandwiches.

What’s interesting is that Chris decided to do this on his own. When the employees at his local Which Wich noticed he was coming in every day, Chris mentioned that he was blogging about the experience. To make the long story short, someone (possibly the district manager) decided to promote Chris’s blog on every sandwich bag in the store. See image below.



This is absolutely fantastic and gutsy. Why gutsy? Because Chris gives an honest critique and says that some of their sandwiches are just plain bad. Why fantastic? Because the sandwich chain increased its popularity by embracing Chris’s efforts. Chris’s fellow coworkers and friends are now eating at the restaurant because of his blog. Heck, I’ve eaten there because of his blog! Also consider that Chris’s blog is somewhat popular and receives around 200 visitors a day. Imagine how many other people might be influenced by his reviews.

Good job Which Wich on embracing blogging and word-of-mouth marketing. But don’t stop now. I suggest you see what else you can do to help promote Chris, thereby promoting yourselves.


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  1. 1 ahndunk February 14, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    Wow, that was fantastic..Chris made people eating at the restaurant because people read his blog???this is inverse of offline marketing. He promote it online to get offline customers

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