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Emma has a blog

The awesome, e-marketing folks at Emma, have a new blog. Well, new to me…
Anyway, go check it out. You’re sure to find all sorts of useful bits of information on email marketing. Trust me, these guys know there stuff and they’re just plain fun!


Barcamp Nashville is coming…

Flippin’ sweet, Nashville is holding its very own BarCamp!

Here’s how the website,, defines the event:

“We will create the greatest digital festival in the history of Nashville. We will bring together entrepreneurs, technology visionaries, digital creators, music revolutionaries and marketing gurus under one roof for twelve hours of education, innovation and recreation.”

I’ll dumb it down for you. It’s a gathering of geeks (tech geeks, marketing geeks, entrepreneurial geeks, and everyday geeks) to talk shop, eat, and socialize.

From that description, you know I’ll be there!

Marketing fluff of the day

From Marketing Operations Partners,

“Marketing Operations is a thorough, end-to-end operational discipline that leverages processes, technology, guidance and metrics to run the Marketing function as a profit center and fully-accountable business. It reinforces Marketing strategy and tactics with a scalable and sustainable enabling infrastructure, as well as nurturing a healthy, collaborative ecosystem, both within and outside the Marketing department, to drive achievement of enterprise objectives.”


Clearly the person who wrote this forgot the #1 rule of writing for the Internet; keep your sentences short and don’t use buzz words. Why? You should never put the reader in a situation in which he must figure out what you are trying to say. They should be able to read your text one time and know exactly what your company is all about. Buzz words make the reader jump over unnecessary hurdles.

Let’s list the buzz words used in this paragraph: leverage, scalable, sustainable, collaborative ecosystem, enterprise objectives.

Did I miss any?

Marketing Awesomeness: The Simpsons Movie

Remember when marketing used to be fun? The marketing team for The Simpsons movie remembers. They’ve converted 7-11 stores into Kwik-E Marts, let towns compete to host the movie premier, created a website that will let you upload a photo to “simpsonize” yourself, and painted a 180 ft. Homer next to one of Europe’s landmarks.

As a result of the team’s focus on fun, their marketing efforts have gone viral and have got coverage from the national media.

Remember to incorporate fun into your next viral campaign.

Thanks Piaras for letting me know about this!

Example of a stupid, useless marketing study

Emarketer reports that “nearly six in 10 US teenagers forgo television for dating.”

Well, duh!



Ebay’s Paypal vs. Google Checkout

This week’s publication of Marketing News contains an interesting article on Paypal versus Google Checkout.

This past June, eBay pulled all its keyword ads from Google’s U.S. site in response to a major Google blunder. What blunder? The Google Checkout team planned a party during eBay’s annual “eBay Live” event in the same city. Google called its party “Let Freedom Ring” – a reference to the fact that eBay’s Paypal does not allow Google Checkout as a payment method.

After eBay pulled its advertising, Google canceled the party but eBay has yet to relent its boycott. That’s bad for Google because eBay spends tens of millions of dollars a year with Google.

Lesson for the day: Don’t try to take screw over one of your biggest clients.

McDonald’s viral video: Two thumbs up!

Take a look at this hilarious rap video created by two regular Joes. It went viral over the Internet (via YouTube) and got McDonald’s attention. Now McDonald’s is airing it, unedited slightly edited, on national television.

Say hello to citizen marketing!

Great move by the McDonald’s marketing team. Now I can’t stop thinking about the nugget rap!

Hat tip to Virginia over at Brains on Fire for leading me to the video.

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