Marketing fluff of the day

From Marketing Operations Partners,

“Marketing Operations is a thorough, end-to-end operational discipline that leverages processes, technology, guidance and metrics to run the Marketing function as a profit center and fully-accountable business. It reinforces Marketing strategy and tactics with a scalable and sustainable enabling infrastructure, as well as nurturing a healthy, collaborative ecosystem, both within and outside the Marketing department, to drive achievement of enterprise objectives.”


Clearly the person who wrote this forgot the #1 rule of writing for the Internet; keep your sentences short and don’t use buzz words. Why? You should never put the reader in a situation in which he must figure out what you are trying to say. They should be able to read your text one time and know exactly what your company is all about. Buzz words make the reader jump over unnecessary hurdles.

Let’s list the buzz words used in this paragraph: leverage, scalable, sustainable, collaborative ecosystem, enterprise objectives.

Did I miss any?


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