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Customer service reps are special people

It takes a special person to work on the front lines of customer service. The unique person must have qualities such as patience, understanding, a great attitude, and answers.

I was reminded how special the customer service reps in my company are at a recent staff meeting when they gave a brief Q & A on their role in the company. They have to deal with customers of all types, from the disgruntled to the fanatic. They have to have the answers to almost every possible question, from the impossible to the utterly ridiculous – questions that I would want to laugh at.

Unfortunately, those qualities that make an exceptional customer service rep are rare. We’ve all experienced the customer service rep that isn’t patient, could care less about your problem, and has zero answers. When this happens to us, we become very frustrated and it mars our experience with the company.

Yes, it takes a special person to be a customer service rep.

Now think about this; while you might not have the title of customer service rep or work in the customer service department, you still play a role in customer service of your company. Your actions, whether dealing with an outside vendor or writing and designing the company website, reflect on the company and how it values its customers.

How can you improve your customer service?


How blogging spawns business

A UK blogger, known as Adnan, is the author of Blogtrepreneur, a blog that focuses on entrepreneurship. Through trial and error, networking, and learning from blogging professionals Adnan increased his readership and is now considered a blogging guru. Now bloggers come to him for advice on how to improve their blogs. The demand for Adnan’s advice caused him to create a new business called BlogLouder, a blog consulting company.

Adnan is currently holding a contest where the winners can get free advice.

Make your marketing extraordinary: an example

This is one of the best coupons I have ever seen. This is a great example of taking an ordinary marketing tactic and making it extraordinary.

Thanks for the hat tip Tyler!

What marketing is not…

Some people just do not know marketing. They think they know but they really don’t. Take one of our clients. He called our office and said he wanted to do some marketing. He said he wants permission to use our logo on some materials he plans to hand out to his cutomers.

My response: “Sure. What are the materials?”
His response: “Office pens and nightlights.”
Me: “Nightlights?”
Him: “Yeah, nightlights… for the kids.”
Me: …long pause…

For the record, I work for an Internet business referral company. Why a nightlight? When will people learn that marketing is more than just simply putting a logo on anything and everything. Putting a logo on a pen is not marketing – it’s simply putting a logo on a pen.

I denied his request for a nightlight.

Who am I ?

My name is Michael Morton. I believe in bringing energy and professionalism into the office, that knowledge is power, that leadership trumps management, that customers are more influential than advertisements, that content is king, and that two heads are better than one. I currently lead the marketing efforts of the Strategic Alliances department of my company. Let’s talk marketing!

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