Halo 3 Believe: an amazing marketing campaign!


Halo 3

Videogame fans around America, including myself, are waiting with bated breathe for September 25. That’s when the most anticipated videogame in history will be released – Halo 3. The videogame has already broke records within the industry by officially becoming the largest selling preorder title in history.

What’s the cause of all this commotion? Well, one thing is for sure, the two previous games in the trilogy rock! They have an incredible story line and intense action. Quite simply, they’re great products. But there is something more to it. The genius marketers are also responsible for the hype. One way they do this is by strategizing when to release teaser trailers for the game to stir up the fans. Another way is by brainstorming new ways to generate hype and buzz – which they have done very well. Take their latest project, the Halo 3 Believe campaign. This is one of the best, if not the best, buzz generating websites I have ever seen!

The team commissioned artists to create a huge, physical, 3-D diorama of a battle that will take place in the upcoming game. The diorama is incredibly detailed and beautifully crafted and painted. Next, they used a video camera and recorded a walk through of the diorama. Finally, they created a website, uploaded the video, added some clickable links and created something that is breathtaking and very much buzz worthy.

But they didn’t stop there.

They add testimonials from live actors, put human emotion into those testimonials, and created a mini plot for the site. All of these elements together create a sense that the battle was real, that it really happened. It causes fans to become emotionally attached to the characters of the game. It creates buzz that gets spread through blogs and forums. It gets people excited. It sells games.

And videogame fans are eating it up! Here’s the video:

Experience the website for yourself by clicking here!

I wonder if the marketers had a hard time convincing the higher-ups to jump on board this idea. I mean think about it, it had to be a hard sell. I can imagine the managers looking confused saying, “You want to spend twenty thousands dollars to create an actual model of a videogame?” That’s an uncommon idea.

But all of us marketers should know, it’s the uncommon ideas that tend to generate the biggest response.


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  1. 1 ben4rest September 19, 2007 at 12:49 pm

    I love dioramas. That one is really cool. This world could use more dioramas.

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