Web marketing concepts: part 1


I love it when I read a book or article that makes me look at things differently. That’s exactly what happened when I read Jerry Bader’s article 18 Web Marketing Concepts That Make A Difference. Jerry is a senior partner at MRPwebmedia and he knows his stuff. In his article, Jerry discusses topics that all marketers are very familiar with, there are no secrets revealed. But what Jerry caused me to do was to look at these topics through a new set of eyes, which jump-started my mind. Now I have a whole new path and exciting vision of how my departments online marketing should look.

I liked Jerry’s article so much, I’m going to post it in full – one section a day for 18 days. Hopefully it will cause you to look at your marketing or business differently too. Below is part 1.

1. Think audiences not markets

What’s your market? Hire a consultant to help you with your Web-business problems, and one of the first questions he or she will ask is, What’s your market? How about 18-34-year-old, single male college graduates with a dog named Spot; or maybe 45-59-year-old married women who hate their husbands and can’t get their adult children to move out of the house. Maybe, just maybe, they’re asking the wrong question.

The Web isn’t about markets, it’s about audiences. Audiences need to be entertained, enlightened, and engaged; and if your Web site doesn’t, you’re never going to achieve what you want.

Time to rethink how you’re delivering your marketing message. Start treating Web visitors like an audience, not a market, and you might just find what it takes to be successful on the Web.


Who am I ?

My name is Michael Morton. I believe in bringing energy and professionalism into the office, that knowledge is power, that leadership trumps management, that customers are more influential than advertisements, that content is king, and that two heads are better than one. I currently lead the marketing efforts of the Strategic Alliances department of my company. Let’s talk marketing!

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