Choice and your website?

Choice can be a powerful tool. Give a consumer the power of choice and they just might become a repeat customer or an evangelist.

Case in point, the Nintendo DS. It’s the hottest selling videogame handheld. Why? Well simply put, a lot of people buy them. In fact, a lot of people buy more than one. They buy two or three. Why? Because Nintendo offers consumers the choice of their favorite color. Buyers have the choice of white, red, pink, gold, and other colors.

This approach to offering consumers choice has been effectively used by other companies too. Apple with their iPods is another example.

But choice on the web is different. The more choices you give to your website visitor, in terms of links and navigation, doesn’t necessarily translate into a happier experience. On the contrary, it often leads to confusion and frustration.

The next time you’re writing an article or email, stick with one to two action points. Use one video on a landing page, not three.

Think of your site or email as a path. You want your visitor to walk the path you layout for them. But if the visitor comes to a junction where they have a choice of taking one of 4 splits, they’ll become uncertain about what they should do.

Guide your visitor down one path with zero splits.


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  1. 1 mikefrizzi April 13, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    Another interesting reason for the abundant DS sales: new models. Even though they change the SKU, the sales totals remain constant. So, 5 different models, one bottom line sales figure. Not to mention the incredible amount of software the that Nintendo shovels onto the machine. You make a great point, though. Lately I have been stumbling on many sites that have so many places to click and look, so many navigation trees that keep expanding, that I end up bailing and looking for the information in a more concise media.

    Good post, good blog. You have a new visitor in me.

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