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Seth Godin and I think alike

In a blog post today, Seth Godin said, “Psychographics… are way more important than demographics.”

The funny thing is that I said the exact same thing in a meeting an hour before I read Seth’s post. Isn’t it ironic… don’t ya think?


4 Steps to a Successful Newsletter

In a previous post I outlined a 4 step process on how to use the company newsletter to increase lead volume. Last month I applied those 4 steps in an article for the newsletter. The result was an increase in lead volume by 249% from the previous week. This month’s newsletter went out last week and I just got the results.

Following the same steps, we generated over $9,800 worth of leads for my department – in one day! Lead volume and revenue more than doubled compared to the previous week!

Since the 4 steps obviously work, I’ll repost them here again:

  1. Use a catchy subject line
  2. Give your readers valued information
  3. Use soft-sell techniques
  4. Add a testimonial

In this month’s newsletter I focused more on the testimonials. I used two this month. I wanted the testimonials to tell the story, not me. It obviously worked!

Learn the 4 step process and then implement it!

ABS Climbing Comps at Climb Nashville

FYI, this has nothing to do with marketing. I just thought I would share one of my passions with you.

If you haven’t read my profile you might not know that I am a bouldering and climbing enthusiast.

So my climbing gym, Climb Nashville, hosted the regional ABS Climbing Comps. I attended the event but I did not compete. I was amazed as I stood and watched these amazing people complete increadibly hard bouldering problems. I met Kate Reece (pictured) who’s name is well-known in bouldering circles. These people are truly sick!

Marketing Monster: A Top 150 Marketing Blog

ToddAnd has put together a list, a rather impressive list, of the Top 150 Marketing Blogs. Yours truly has made the cut. I am honored to be on the list next to some great names and blogs.

Thank you all who read and subscribe to this blog.

The Good & Bad about Goals

So today I have devoted most of my time to research and goal setting for the 2007 year.

I have three main goals for this year.

  1. Launch Marketing for our Real Estate department
  2. Rejuvenate Investment & Real Estate Resource Centers
  3. Generate a 30% referral increase

The goals scare me…
All three goals are big and will be difficult to achieve. They require me to produce a library of marketing materials and create interesting/informative content to use on our resource center pages. These are no easy tasks!

But the goals also excite me…
Reaching these goals has the ability to generate a ton of revenue, which makes me look good to my employer!

That’s the good and bad about setting goals
The scare you when you set them especially if they are lofty goals. But the amazing benefit of reaching them motivates me to attack them with everything I’ve got.

Don’t let fear take hold of you when you’re setting your goals. If you do, you risk setting your goal to short (resulting in fewer benefits if your reach them) or not setting any goals at all.

New Brand, Same Content!

Maybe you’ve noticed or maybe you haven’t but I have changed my blog’s name to… Marketing Monster!

You may or may not be asking, “Michael, why the change?” Boredom is my only answer.

So never fear the few of you who are loyal readers! The name has totally changed, the look has changed a little, but the content is still the same!

Have a Merry Christmas! (None of that politically correct “Holiday” crap here!)

Take care and be safe!

"Networking" otherwise known as "How to Climb the Corporate Ladder"

In an effort to get to know my fellow coworkers, I have decided to establish “Tuesdays with Morton.” What is “Tuesdays with Morton?” It is simply an invite to a paid lunch with me on Tuesdays. The first “Tuesdays with Morton” was held today and I invited the two graphic designers from the broadcast division, Paul and Brian. It was exciting to get to know them better. Both of them are extremely talented. Brian was voted “Rookie of the Year” at the company Christmas party this past weekend and Paul is the Creative Director for the company.

Why do this? Like I said earlier, it’s a great way to get to know my fellow coworkers. But there is another reason. The more I network within my company, the more likely I am to foster goodwill towards myself and my department. I can also learn from those in a position of authority and I can share my knowledge and ideas with them. Hopefully, all of it will result in recognitions and promotions. And since I will be eligible for the “Rookie of the Year” award next year, maybe my networking will help me win it. Only time will tell…

Who am I ?

My name is Michael Morton. I believe in bringing energy and professionalism into the office, that knowledge is power, that leadership trumps management, that customers are more influential than advertisements, that content is king, and that two heads are better than one. I currently lead the marketing efforts of the Strategic Alliances department of my company. Let’s talk marketing!

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