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Base your wording on your target audience

Today’s edition of Get to the Point took on the topic of using five-dollar words. Two copywriters, Simon Glickman and Julia Rubiner, claim that using a five-dollar words is OK because “people actually love the audacious use of language.”

Then there are people who claim that you should use only every day words, 50-cent words. Why? Because big five-dollar words alienate customers and sound elitist.

I disagree with both points.

There’s not just one rule to follow. You can’t use big words or every day words and expect great results. It just doesn’t happen like that.

You have to tailor your wording to your target audience. If your target audience is highly educated and love and understand industry buzz words, then use those five-dollar words. If your target audience is your every day Joe, then go with simple words.

The only magic formula is to know your target audience.


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